How Old Skool Vans are next in-line for wardrobe essentials.

How Old Skool Vans are next in-line for wardrobe essentials.

The Old Skool Vans are the best for the flat-soled, tennis-skate styled goodness that cycles from model to model every year.

First it was the Converse All-Stars in the late 90's to early 2000's. Then it was Vans Authentics and Eras, then it was the Stan Smith, now it's the Vans Old Skool. 

The Old Skool Vans (or known back 1977 as Style 36) has not changed one bit since its conception in the 70's yet has reemerged as a fashion staple most shoes go.

But why the Old Skool? It could have been the Converse One-Star, or the Nike Blazer. The thing is, no one can deny the context of what fashion is going through right now which is the reaffirmation of skate apparel's relevance, like Thrasher Hoodies and straight legged wide cuffed trousers, on international fashion tastes.

This is further reaffirmed by contemporary fashion icons like ASAP Rocky and Kanye West (pictured below) wearing Old Skool Vans that cost $120 AUD with thousand dollar high-fashion labels which also makes the point of Old Skool Vans being one of those cyclical icons that define a moment in fashion.


Even the Old Skool has been subject to collaborations such as the Odd Future collab, Patta, Supreme and other brands and creative visions. 

With all that said, the Old Skool is probably the best cyclical iconic sneakers out of its predecessors like Stan Smith and Converse because the collaborations are relevant and the contemporary fashion icons are rocking them more than ever. 

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