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With the 30th Anniversary of the Air Max taking place this year, NIKE has slated a tonne of new drops and retros of classic colourways from past years. With its release in 1990 as the successor to the revolutionary Air Max 1, the 90 was introduced with an even bigger Air Unit as well as updated designed to the beloved shoe. Layered with suede, rubberised heel branding, and a mesh base, the shoe was ahead of its time offering a cool new style in the NIKE range, as well as being a tremendous addition to the NIKE performance line.  Originally dubbed the “AIR MAX 3”, it came at the heels of the AIR MAX LIGHT the year prior, Tinker Hatfield...

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Reselling: The Definitive Truth to Why Your Shoes Cost $1000.

If you were to look up the definition of “resell/reselling” it would be simply put as “the act of buying to sell for profit”. The act of reselling is more common than you would think, it exists everyday, all around us, whether you notice it or not. Garage sales, vintage stalls, consignment stores and social networks are all examples of where “reselling” takes place.   When most people think of resellers though, they think “this guy is just taking advantage of people's money for their own personal profit; what makes this item worth so much?”. An almost instant pass of judgement is laid upon these individuals or businesses that resell. The connotations linked to being a “reseller” has always been negative.  Although...

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From Court to Classic: A Brief Timeline in the World of Lacoste

With the influx of brands entering the market of street fashion and luxury, lines are starting to get blurred where some 25 years ago you were either strictly streetwear or high fashion. Trends have then stemmed from these two polar opposites where the likes of athleisure have found a home in the middle of the two. But before brands such as kids were dressing head-to-toe in Jordan tracksuits or designers such as John Elliot was introducing tailored sweatpants to the world, Rene Lacoste was taking the tennis world by storm in his personalised and brand new pique polos that changed the world of tennis attire, and left a lasting impact on the world of fashion.  Traditional tennis attire in the...

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Is Sneaker Culture still important?

  I remember watching those videos COMPLEX used to post up where they would go to the SUPREME drops on Lafayette and troll the people in the lines, often catching them off guard with questions regarding the history of the product they were buying. I vividly remember their video on the SUPREME x Jordan Brand drop, and laughing at the face of this “Scottie Pippen look-alike” when asked “How many rings did Michael Jordan win?”; and with the utmost confidence replied “10!”. Now, for those familiar, Jordan won 6 rings during his career, specifically during his time with the Chicago Bulls.  Now some might think, “well, what if he just likes the product? Can’t that person just enjoy the product and...

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Enjoy the Aussie sun with some Tailwind 4's

The end of cold and gloomy days have come, the sun is out and you already know what that means! It’s time to break out the Vintage tees, colourful shorts, and most importantly...THE AIRMAXES!!!  Spring/Summer time vibes and AIRMAXES have always gone hand-in-hand during this time of year; where collectors have remained dormant during the Winter months, but alas, they’ve come out from their homes, they’ve broken out their favourite AIRMAXES, and they’re ready to take on the streets of Sydney.  SOLEMATE sneakers is proud to introduce an exclusive colourway of one of Australia’s favourite AIRMAXES, the Tailwind 4 in the “Teal” and “China Rose” colourway.  The Teal colourway is the more brash between the two as it sees the...

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