Some of us in to sneaker world never really got the chance to see Jordan perform. Like a mythical legend, we would hear about his greatness, his impact to the game, and his ability to strike fear in the hearts of his opponents. Although, there is a part of the sneaker world who saw, lived, and breathed Jordan at the peak of his career. 

Between 1987-1992, many would argue that this was Jordan’s “prime years” whilst others would argue that every year he played was his prime. But between the ‘88 - ‘92 season, Jordan would gift us something almost as great at being able to witness his “Airness”; and that was his sneakers. 

Who could forget the iconic free-throw line dunk against Dominique Wilkins in his Air Jordan 3’s?

Or how about his walk-off series clinching buzzer beater against the Cleveland Cavaliers in his Air Jordan 4’s?







Surely no one could forget how he would lead his Bulls against Magic’s Lakers in ‘91 to bring the city of Chicago their first Championship in franchise history? All the while doing it in his Air Jordan 6? 

In today’s sneaker climate, many would almost put the Jordan line under the likes of the SB hype, or the Air Max lineage, or even the rise of the “BOOST” empire spearheaded by Adidas and their endless boost models. But no one can argue that under Tinkers tutelage, the Air Jordan line has almost transcended the player that Michael was, and transcended the entirety of sneaker culture. From a basketball sneaker to a coveted grail to many in their 30’s and 40’s, Jordan will forever be a Legend on and off the court.



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