CASIO AND LUXURY: The latest in timeless digital watches

CASIO AND LUXURY: The latest in timeless digital watches

Luxury digital watches are slowly becoming the new standard, with more room for batter materials and smart phone integration.

The new GMW-B5000 in the Liquid Metal Silver is the best example of a higher standard from Casio with bluetooth connectivity, a strong and durable Diamond Like Coating (DLC) and a solar cell to ensure your Casio is your everyday companion.

For your frequent flyer needs, the Liquid Metal Casio also supports automatic time calibration which adjusts to your location around the world plus many more features to meet your timekeeping needs.

The GMW-B5000's band is also adjustable, where the band segments can be taken off and on which is a better solution than the adjustable clasps on the entry level models.

Check our our webstore for more images and come in-store to have a first-hand look at Casio's answer to digital luxury.

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