Volunteer university students wearing Sole Mate Sneaker Boutique Instagram T-shirts

How can sneaker stores give back to the community?

Always support your local boutiques, because you'll be helping them give back to the local community in the long run.

There are people out there that spend their days and nights finding a place to sleep, ensuring their children can focus on school or to even to put food on the table and feed their family. There are a lot of people that really need a helping hand.

That's why the team at Sole Mate Sneaker Boutique decided to sponsor UNSW's Volunteer Army by donating a bunch of the store's sneakers (plus a couple of our personal pairs) and a bunch of merchandise to raise funds for the St Vincent De Paul society to continue their hard work in helping those most in need.

They held an awesome event called the 'A-Duck-tion Centre' with duck adoptions, duck racing, a raffle to win prizes, selling a bunch of sneakers and merch and representing Sole Mate with our Instagram t-shirts.

Sole Mate Sneaker Boutique's collaborative efforts with The Volunteer Army helped raise more than $1000 which all goes to helping those in need through the St Vincent De Paul society.

These include victims of domestic violence, the homeless, kids struggling at school and other people who need help.

We're always open to helping out the local community as we have done in the past when we also donated more than a hundred pairs of sneakers to the Blue Mountains' Salvation Army for the 2013 New South Wales bushfires.

That's why we're always happy to serve our customers, because by supporting us at Sole Mate you'll also be helping us give back to the community in the long run.

So keep an eye on Sole Mate Sneaker Boutique not just for our new releases and consignment, but because we'll always be looking to help local causes and do our bit to contribute to the community.

We're in it for the long mile. For you, for us, for everyone. We did this to encourage more businesses and boutiques to not only provide exclusive products to their customers but to be part of the community as a whole.

You can keep updated by clicking here to follow our Instagram and our Facebook.

The Volunteer Army also hold a bunch of fun events, so check them out at the UNSW Kensington campus and stay up to date with their events on the UNSW Arc Facebook page because you don't have to be a student to participate.




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