Next Week: A Massive Air Max Release Week!

Next Week: A Massive Air Max Release Week!

A big Nike Air Max pack release coming to Sole Mate Sneaker Boutique and there's going to be at least one pair that you're going to be thinking of adding to your rotation.

All we can tell you is that next week we'll release one model everyday from Tuesday 30th of May to Saturday 3rd of June.

Everyday there's going to be one release that's a part of the pack for both men's and women's sizing and I know rocking any pair from this pack is going to turn heads on the street.

Even if winter's coming, any pair from this pack is meant to pop out of your wardrobe essentials or even as part of your sneaker collection (trust me, there's a couple of retro silhouettes in this pack as well).

You may or may have not seen some of the pairs already, you may have missed out before and some of them are going for high resell prices.

You might even know at this point what we're getting if you've been following your Nike Air Maxes and been on point with your sneaker hunting.

But what makes this exclusive to us is that no other store in Sydney got the entire pack except us at Sole Mate Sneaker Boutique so to those that missed out or just want to have a taste of joining the hype train, this pack is for you.

So keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook to see which pair comes out and when because we will update as the release goes along!





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