10 Spring/Summer-Ready Kicks because it's actually already August

10 Spring/Summer-Ready Kicks because it's actually already August

You're smart. You probably already have done your winter shopping months ago, so now is your time to get ready for your spring/summer shenanigans.

Did you know that it's already August and next month is Spring? Yeah I feel your mid-year anxieties as you look back on what you've gone through as the year almost comes to a close and your excitement for all things to come for the Spring and Summer as well.

It feels like yesterday you were celebrating New Years Eve, or still wearing shorts and t-shirts as if the Australian iconic 40 degree heatwaves were the norm.

So in order to get you ready for the festivals and your spring-summer plans whilst everyone is till shivering in winter, here are some kicks that are prepared to take a beating yet look fresh as hell for your spring/summer staples.

1) Air Max BW 

The Air Max BW is an absolute staple for events since its popularity spans the early to later rave days in Amsterdam. This is especially prevalent in the hardcore scene since Dutch punters would perform the "hakke" or known down-under as the hakken or gabber. "Hakke" literally translate to "heel" since the Dutch ravers would be performing the dance on their heels and the large heel Air Max unit of the Air Max BW made the Hakken easier.

So to stand out and be known as the punter that knows their electronic dance music history, grab one of these!

2) Women's Sock Dart Premium

These are the most comfortable sneakers from Nike that you would probably wear and I can vouch for them. I've been in a pair of sock darts during Boxing Day standing for 9 hours straight and I felt no pain or tension... they'

re that comfortable. You might be thinking that the sock dart might be too thin for going out to festivals but these are special. The upper is now leather so don't worry about rain and mud seeping in. 

So if you're going to be on your feet for the whole night, be sure to secure a pair of these joints!

3) Vans Old Skool

We just got a restock of these, and these are my absolute favourite. The rubber sole ensures that whilst you're chucking a boogie on the dance floor, getting home from a long night out, or even just doing your daily errands, you'll be in safe hands knowing the sole will last you for a really long time. 

Plus, you can't deny, these are just a staple for your wardrobe because it's such a classic style and are cheap enough to even double-up on. These are uni-sex based on men's sizing so they go down to a 4 men's which is a 5.5 US women's!

4) Women's Le Coq Sportif Omega x Garden Fusion

If you are a free-spirited and carefree individual who wants something that expresses that, this is for you. Not only are they colourful and pretty but that sole give you that all-day comfort that gets you from A to B and everywhere in between. Be quick though, after the heat of spring and summer come through these are going to be running out the door and into other people's feet!

5) Nike Air Huarache Run

The Nike Huarache Run is amazing as not only are they comfortable but if you're into your shoes fitting perfectly and securely, these are for you. The Huarache Run utilises a back strap and structured upper to ensure that they fit snug and secure. But don't get it wrong, snug and secure does not mean tight and hot. The soft neoprene lining makes these comfortable and breathable so you can rest assure that you'll be looking and feeling fresh with these joints on foot.

Note, the Huarache Run fits .5 to 1 size small so size accordingly. The Huarache Run ULTRA typically fits true to size.

6) Women's Air Max 90

The Women's Air Max 90 not only is comfortable, but that exaggerated air max unit gives you that height as well. Its sleek appearance and comfy sole gets you ready for your spring-summer shenanigans and everyday wear. If that's not enough, our collection of women's Air Max 90 are mostly in the "Ultra" versions so Nike made the sole softer and weight-reduced and the upper is much more lighter and breathable so you can be sure to use these for even your everyday treks whether that's work, uni, festivals or just walking to your local grocer. 

So grab these to ensure you're ready for your spring-summer plans!

7) Nike Air Max 95

The Air Max 95 is a shoe that survives a thrashing whilst getting more comfier the more you wear them. Mesh and leather are the standard upper materials ensuring durability and a breathable feel so when you're having a boogie, walking around from stage to stage, or simply having a wander with your mates, it's safe to say that the Air Max 95 is a pair that will stick by you thick and thin and never leave your wardrobe.

8) Nike Cortez

If you've been looking for a low-profile sneaker that's comfortable yet sleek and clean, look no further than the Nike Cortez. Featuring a foam sole and retro upper, the Cortez is a prime example of a Nike Silhouette that has surpassed the test of time because of its simplicity and comfort. We do stock the classic leather Cortez which are sure to take a beating as well as the new nylon SD versions as well which are light weight and softer on the upper.

9) Saucony Shadow Orignal 

The Saucony Shadow Original is what ticks all of the boxes for spring/summer prep and overall clean style. Trust me when I say these will last you a long time because of the leather mesh upper and the rubber outsole because these pairs can handle a thrashing. If you haven't picked up a pair of festival ready sneakers or daily beaters, grab one of these or even double up because they're on-sale now!

10) Lacoste Carnaby

Tennis-styled flat soled shoes are always going to be a classic staple to your wardrobe. Lacoste have re-released the Carnaby's for men's and women's and the fact that they use premium leather and minimal colour blocking means that they're respectively durable yet stylish. Grab one of these for a refreshing and clean addition to your wardrobe!




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