The Air Max 97 is the most relevant sneaker right now

The Air Max 97 is the most relevant sneaker right now

After seeing the title, you might think this is another promotional ramble about how its the anniversary of the Air Max 97... but that's too obvious to talk about.

There's more to it. The Air Max 97 offers something today that cannot be afforded by any other brand or model. It's a sneaker that could not have been re-released at a much more appropriate time.

Birthed from the future-obsessed Y2K-fearing end of the 1990's, it drew its design inspiration and story from the lightning fast Japanese bullet trains (hence the obvious moniker of the OG Silver Bullet). The 90's and early 2000's were obsessed with speed and technology and the sleek aesthetic and panelling of the 97's reflected this (...literally with reflective panelling). 

Think about it, the seamless leap from dial-up to cable internet, mobile phones becoming smartphones, Atari to Playstation, CD players. All of these technologies that ushered in the transition to the 2000's informs the Air Max 97 design.

In saying this, we at Sole Mate feel that it's such a perfect time for the Air Max 97 to be released in the volume it's being released now.

In a time where we're all obsessed over Boost vs Zoom, Knit technologies, mind-bending silhouettes from all brands, line-up's for limited releases and the creeping of high-fashion into streetwear, the Air Max 97 is the answer we needed as a happy medium of forward thinking design yet the touch of nostalgia that makes us appreciate Nike's contribution to all things sneaker.

Maybe there's more to it behind the scenes of Nike in terms of their way of releasing the Air Max 97. There's so many 'Silver Bullet' 97's out there, heaps of colours are being released throughout this month.

Maybe Nike knows that we're so obsessed with these novel arguments of hype, technology, crazy designs, brand vs brand, and line-ups that they wanted to remind us that all this fuss isn't necessary. That the retro's, no matter what, will always win us over and we'll be left feeling content that the retro's have never truly left us.

So you know what, if you really are sick of hype and useless sneaker fuss in this over-hyped sneaker world, grab a pair of Air Max 97's.

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