Why buying rare sneakers are best experienced in-store

Why buying rare sneakers are best experienced in-store

It is always better to come to your local store instead of visiting online simply because you deserve the ability to try things on, place trust on local knowledge and learn more.

That's why there's so many rare shoes in our store that you can't get from anywhere else, dating back as early as 1996 and costing up to $16,000.

We know you hate getting fake shoes online and sometimes big name groups and consignment shops run that risk too.

The problem with online stores and online 'middlemen' consignment websites is that they can authenticate shoes for you and provide a sense of price, but they create a service vacuum not only with customers but with consigners as well.

Places like Sole Mate Sneaker Boutique in Sydney, or Round 2 in Hollywood and Flight Club in New York do fill in that gap.

However, Sole Mate provides a perfect solution of providing exclusive retail drops at, sometimes, even cheaper than retail prices and see consignment as a service to make it easier for sneaker lovers to get their fix.

You also get them instantly and ready to take home without playing for shipping fees with the worry that your postal company might get them lost.

You can also be comfortable that they are generally cheaper because they are more in-touch with the community's demands and you have the luxury of trying things on.

These stores face sellers face-to-face and gain a relationship to ensure products are unworn, authentic and to learn from collectors and local sneakerheads.

Because of this, stores that sell rare sneakers like Sole Mate can educate the wider community on what they are buying and ensure that they are legitimate, authentic and fits the customer.

This is very important considering that Adidas NMD's, Ultra Boosts and Yeezys appeal to more customers along the knowledge spectrum yet the resell prices are  and it's important to impart knowledge and ensure customers know what they are buying.

So if you are into that genuine sneaker collector store feeling that gives you the bespoke service to ensure fit and authenticity that leaves you knowing more about sneakers, come visit your local consignment stores.

We're located at Shop 16B, 501 George Street Sydney or you can visit our online store to purchase rare sneakers from trusted consigners that we deal on the regular. 

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