A WARNING: To all retail workers and small business owners

A WARNING: To all retail workers and small business owners

Today we caught our first thief who tried to steal our Triple Black Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0.

Now we aren't in to naming and shaming or taking things into our own hands because we always make sure we are doing things above board and legal.

We know that as small business owners, you don't have much of a margin to buy state of the art security tags and equipment.

Retail workers on the floor and backroom, we know that implementing security devices, loss prevention and theft control are above your pay grade.

Customers, we're thankful for you being part of our sneaker community, and we're thankful when you help us out.

However, here are a few tips for all you retail workers, managers and owners on how to tackle shoplifting without spending too much on anti-theft equipment:

Tip 1: If the whole vibe just feels suspicious, that's your cue to automatically raise the store awareness of your staff for those customer/s. You need to subtly tell your employees if you feel that a customer or a group of customers might be planning to steal something whether that's your inventory or other customer's belongings. You never know.

Tip 2: A security camera is your best friend. This keeps backroom customers informed of the vibe in the store and they can be vigilant as well. It's cheaper than security tags paired with a beeper gate.

Tip 3: Keep all employees in the loop of who are trying things on, especially if they have the complete item whether that's a t-shirt, hat, a pair of shoes, etc. When they are trying on a complete item, that is an opportunity given for shoplifters to steal but it is an opportunity to help build relationships with ACTUAL customers. This is the solution to the dilemma of raising suspicions versus cultivating customer relationships, real customers will understand and shoplifters will be denied that opportunity to steal.

Tip 4: Have a good relationship with security and nearby stores in case they need to assist you.

Tip 5: Don't make physical contact unless it's necessary, you are warranted to a citizen's arrest but excessive force can cost more than the value of recovering the shoe. According to citizen's arrest laws, you can only apprehend the person whilst the crime is being committed or immediately after.***

Tip 6: Thank all customers and all that have assisted in recovering your product.

I know a lot of this advice is common sense but in such a fast-paced environment such as retail, it might take that one second of what may seem like attending to another task that gives shoplifters the opportunity to steal from your store.

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