G-Squad GBDH1000-1D Black Black Black Digital Watch by Casio G-Shock
Product code: GBDH10001D
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G-Squad GBDH1000-1D Black Black Black Digital Watch by Casio G-Shock

Product code: GBDH1000-1D


The CASIO/G-SHOCK Product range are all one size fits most.

2 years warranty for all CASIO and G-SHOCK products.


These are the latest additions to the G-SQUAD lineup of sports watches from G-SHOCK, which are equipped with heart rate monitor and GPS. Useful workout functions include an optical sensor for heart rate measurement, along with bearing, altitude/barometric pressure, and temperature sensors, and an accelerometer for step counting. These five sensors help to keep you in close touch of your current activity in real time.

The ability to receive GPS signals lets you access location information when you need it. This, when used in combination with the stopwatch, makes it possible for you to keep track of running information like distance, speed, pace, and more. Your heart rate and speed is used to calculate a VO2 max value, which is an indicator of your cardio-pulmonary capacity. In addition, new phone apps are now available to help you configure watch settings more easily and manage your workouts.

You can monitor your current fitness level and training progress, and even automatically create a training plan based on targets specified by you. VO2 max calculation and other data analysis capabilities use a library by FIRSTBEAT, a renowned sport science company. Algorithms of improved accuracy support a higher level of training.

The surface form of the back covers of these models reduces interference with the back of the hand, while a soft urethane band provides a better fit to the wrist. Bi-color molded buttons are designed for ease of use, while a high-definition MIP LCD makes display information more legible. Both USB and solar charging are supported, and solar charging can be used to power daily operation (except for pulse monitoring and GPS).


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