Collection: Crep Protect Shields


Just when you thought you were doing the best you could to keep your sneakers in box-fresh condition, Crep Protect has come through with an accessory you didn’t know you needed.

Always ahead of the game when it comes to sneaker protection, Crep Protect's latest innovation, the Sneaker Shield, is designed to minimise the unavoidable creasing around a sneaker's toe. As any avid sneaker fan will tell you, the point where a sneaker folds at the toe when walking is one of the most vulnerable points of the shoe. Creases trap dirt and make a sneaker look worn out – far from the box fresh look that Crep Protect has helped customers achieve to date.

Ever the protector of kicks, the Crep Protect Sneaker Shields slip inside the toe box to diffuse the pressure of your foot bending and provide additional support to the area, keeping your sneakers in mint condition for longer.

Made of gel-tech cushioning, the re-usable sneaker shields are so comfortable you won't know you're wearing them. They are available in two sizes and, to top it off, give off a delightful tropical scent.

Crep Protect Sneaker Shields retail for $24.99 on