Collection: LiquiProof

Liquiproof is the world's most advanced liquid and stain proofing spray for fabric, leather and footwear protection - Invisible, 100% breathable, nonflammable and odourless. Our formula bonds particle free Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) to the individual fibres of the fabric at a nanometre level, the coating is roughly 500 times thinner than a human hair and when applied billions of SiO2 particles form permanently bonded layers that build up an invisible barrier that renders water and oil unable to touch the fibres of the fabric. Further it creates a UV protective coating to reduce the effects of fading.

The other key player in the Liquiproof lineup is our Premium Eco Cleaner, a 100% Bio-Degradeable premium multi-surface cleaning solution that can effectively clean anything, we literally mean anything. Liquiproof is a full fledged brand that can be applied to a wider range of fabrics, leather and textiles than any other comparable product lineup.